Control your iPhone with taps, but not taps on the screen!

Yes, you can now control your iPhone by tapping the back of it.
Written by Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, Senior Contributing Editor

Despite the bugs and headaches, I do love digging through new operating systems such as iOS 14 looking for new features I can use.

And I discovered one feature that I'm liking a lot. It's the ability to control my iPhone by tapping on it -- but not the screen.

By tapping on the back!

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This is yet another accessibility feature that apple has added to iOS that I like a lot (the other is AssistiveTouch -- check it out!).

To find this feature go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch > Back Tap. Once there you'll find options for Double Tap and Triple Tap.

There you will find a huge range of actions, from system actions such as firing up the App Switcher or Control Center, accessibility features such as bringing up AssistiveTouch and Magnifier, scroll gestures, and even shortcuts to make GIFs or QR codes.

I have mine set top activate Reachability (you know, the feature that brings the top of the screen down to thumb level) with a double tap and to activate Notification Center with a triple tap.

Great feature that I'm now using many times a day.

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