COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria has been using Samsung purifiers hooked up to IoT cloud

Business Internet of Things Cloud allows up to 255 air purifiers to be controlled remotely.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor
Image: Samsung

Samsung launched its Business Internet of Things (b.IoT) Cloud in Australia on Wednesday, the second geography after its South Korea homeland, which can allow for 255 air purifiers to be controlled by one device.

The South Korean giant said the remote control was beneficial in cases where it was not possible or safe to access rooms. One use case that certainly falls into that situation is COVID-19 Quarantine Victoria, which has been using the platform to control over a thousand purifiers in hotel quarantine.

"Samsung's b.IoT Cloud offers a single interface to safely and easily monitor and manage a fleet of units via a secure network. Users can check air quality levels or cumulative hours of filter usage from a remote location," Samsung Electronics vice president of consumer electronics Jeremy Senior said.

"There are many sectors which need or want to remotely monitor indoor air quality such as aged care, education, or health care."

On the consumer side, Samsung was called out last week for being overly zealous in wanting access to user information.

As first reported by Vice, a Reddit user said the app used to control their Samsung washing machine would not work unless permissions for contacts, phone, camera, and location were handed over.

Samsung smart TVs have notoriously been reporting back to home base everything users watch for years.

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