Daily Cuppa: Mountain Lion release, Symantec's CEO swap

Last night, there was much ado about a big cat, but there was also some open-source news from Dell.
Written by Suzanne Tindal, Contributor

Welcome back to Daily Cuppa, where we get you up to speed with what happened overnight.

Apple released OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion, which will set Aussies back AU$20.99. We've got everything you need to know here.

An iOS app developer has also taken the chance to have a dig at Android, saying that it is difficult for developers to make money on that platform because it was "made for piracy".

For those who were worried about the Windows malware on the Apple store, which was discovered earlier this week, Apple has removed it.

Symantec has named a new CEO, Steve Bennett, as it reported its first-quarter numbers. Enrique Salem left the company after the board decided the company wasn't getting the performance it needed from him: "it was the board's judgment that it was in the best interests of Symantec to make a change in the CEO".

ARM spread confidence about its servers while announcing its results.

Dell has given open source a big hug, offering two new high-end mobile workstations with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) 6 for Desktops.

Jason Perlow has also expressed concerns that the Olympics' streaming arrangements might not be up to the job.

Not only the Olympics, but also Net Neutrality has come to the UK, with most of its internet service providers (ISPs) agreeing not to discriminate against the traffic of particular content providers in a voluntary code of practice. BT, BSkyB, TalkTalk, Three, O2 and others committed themselves, while Virgin Media, Vodafone and Everything Everywhere have refused to sign the Open Internet Code of Practice.

The UK is also the location of Facebook's first non-US engineering team, with the company announcing that it will be hiring in London.

Ed Bott has poured some cold water on the Microsoft/Skype spying concerns that we mentioned yesterday, looking through the service's privacy policy with a fine-toothed comb.

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