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DarwinMail lifetime subscription deal: Tame your Gmail inbox for just $40

DarwinMail will save you from wasting time drowning in your inbox.

App after app claims to finally kill email for good, but it just keeps sticking around. At the end of the day, email is a functional way to communicate, but no one enjoys spending all day in their inbox. And trust us, you can spend hours just trying to read everything. From promotional emails to important work-related ones, the average person receives more than 200 messages per day and spends 2.5 hours just dealing with emails.

Don't waste your day watching the number next to your inbox continue to tick higher no matter how many emails you read. Recruit a little help to finally get back to Inbox Zero and have a little peace and quiet in your communications with a lifetime subscription to DarwinMail's Professional Plan.

DarwinMail is email evolved. Built to work with your Gmail account, this app supercharges your inbox and gives you the tools you need to get your emails under control.

First, it will increase your productivity by providing you with new ways to sort your inbox, including by category, sender, or subject. The Reminders feature makes sure that important information never slips through the cracks and allows you to take quick notes so you never forget something.

Next, a snooze button lets you deal with emails later when you have more bandwidth for them. The app also has an Undo Send option that will save you from ever having to fire off an embarrassing follow up to correct a mistake.

DarwinMail Professional lifetime subscription

Deal price: $39.99 | Original price: $300

Patrick Amoy

Just managing and responding to emails can take up nearly 30% of your day. Get that time back by grabbing a lifetime subscription to DarwinMail. You can get it on sale for just $39.99 -- a savings of 86% off the normal retail price. If time is money, then DarwinMail will quickly pay for itself with how much time it will save you each day. Grab this deal while you can.

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