Data center upgrade helps hotel to save

Use of IBM servers and storage system lets The Fullerton Singapore increase efficiency and meet its green goals.
Written by Konrad Foo, Contributor

SINGAPORE--In a move that has helped it lower costs while raising efficiency, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore recently replaced its aging data center computing infrastructure.

IBM and its partner, Getronics, integrated and implemented the IBM BladeCenter chassis which houses 12 IBM HS21 blade servers and an IBM DS4700 disk storage system for The Fullerton. The hotel’s core mission-critical applications now run off a consolidated storage area network (SAN) powered by an IBM System Storage SAN volume controller.

The six-star hotel was using Hewlett-Packard equipment for its old data center infrastructure.

Upgrading the infrastructure has allowed the hotel to reduce its operation costs, gain efficiency and go green, according to a media release announcing the implementation.

Jason Lee, MIS manager of The Fullerton Hotel Singapore, said the new systems are more reliable and have increased capacities to meet the hotel's needs.

"Our migration to the IBM BladeCenter and System Storage gives us the flexibility we need to simplify our IT, reduce unnecessary costs, and yet provides us the platform to explore smarter and innovative new customer service strategies,” Lee said in the media release.

"The data center now uses 75 percent less floor space and we have seen the energy consumption go down as well. The reduction in the power and cooling costs of the center should be at least 30 percent," he added.

The back-up process now takes only four hours to complete, or in just 20 percent of the time it used to take.

Based in Singapore, Konrad Foo is an intern with ZDNet Asia.

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