DaVinci code on Yahoo! Go? Sure, but that's it

 This morning I downloaded and installed the new Yahoo! Go on my PC.
Written by Russell Shaw, Contributor

This morning I downloaded and installed the new Yahoo! Go on my PC. Had to be a PC, because this service is not Mac or Linux-compatible just yet.

As a PC-based media player, it is eye candy. I even watched a trailer for "The DaVinci Code," which hits theaters this weekend.

But running Yahoo! Go as a media player is about as far as I want to go with this tool. Using Yahoo! Go to watch tv on my PC, or content exported from my PC to my tv, I just don't see it.

I could see the appeal for some. Record tv programs and screen cap stills to trade with your friends and show them how kewel you are. Move your self-produced digital videos and jpegs of your recent trip to Machu Pichu from your pC (where you P'shopped them of course) to your home entertainment center. Have several friends over, serve a nice Merlot, and then run your video, slide show, whatever, on your giant screen tv. 

But although I would certainly go to your party, and would certainly drink your Merlot, I'd rather come to your dinner party than go through the PITA of hooking up my PC to my TV, three rooms away,working with tools such as these:


Color me a Luddite (and you would be wrong to do so), but see, I still have this ingrained 'tude: PC is for working, TV is for sitting back and enjoying. I mean, I already have Comcash digital cable with on demand movies, and 45 or so music channels with every style imaginable except for bluegrass reggae.

I am lazy. Don't make me work for my leisure. 

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