Dell, HP signal desktop reinvention ahead

Dell outlined its smart desk concept, which like HP's Sprout, aims to reinvent the desktop experience.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Dell on Wednesday outlined its vision for reinventing the desktop with a smart desk concept that combines multi-touch LCD screens with a work surface that includes touch and a stylus.

The demonstration of Dell's smart desk was more concept than actual product and shows up a week after Hewlett-Packard unveiled Sprout, a blended reality interface that also includes touch and a stylus as long as a projector.

At its Dell World powwow, the company was outlining its research and innovation efforts. The smart desk concept was the showpiece. In a nutshell, Dell's smart desk is designed for artists, engineers, analysts and architects as well as similar workers who need workflow help. Dell said it would include third party software vendors to couple applications with its Precision workstations and the smart desk, which looks like this:


According to the company, the smart desk could transform how people work with PCs because seeing and doing are separated and digital content can be easily manipulated.


HP's spin with Sprout is that its interface, available this month, will appeal to the maker culture and make 3D designs easier. HP's Sprout interface will be available Nov. 9 for $1,899. 

Dell appears to be putting a more enterprise spin on its smart desk.

The bottom line, however, is the same: The desktop experience is being reinvented. It'll be up to tech buyers to pick the winners.

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