Dell, NetSuite partner up as the PC maker spins towards enterprise

The two computing pioneers will see benefits from the relationship, not least NetSuite's push to give Dell a better enterprise focus now it's gone private.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

Dell and NetSuite are expanding their partnership, which will help the public PC maker turned private spin further towards enterprise customers.

The deal works for both firms. NetSuite will benefit from having access to Dell's huge global sales and services organizations, as well as its expertise across healthcare, financial services, retail, manufacturing and e-commerce.

But for Dell, the PC maker will be handed NetSuite's cloud-based ERP system to sell as it expands its enterprise coverage away from the traditional PC building business, which if you hadn't noticed is on a severe and ongoing decline. 

Financial details were not disclosed. 

For NetSuite, which has traditionally brought in small to medium-sized customers, now has the opportunity at bringing on the big-shot companies. By harnessing Dell's vast base of sales people, it will help open roads that the company hasn't seen before.

Meanwhile, customers who sign up for NetSuite will pay Dell, which will throw a percentage cut of each sale back to its partner.

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