Dell outlines new liquid cooling setup for hyperscale data centers

Dell's Extreme Scale Infrastructure cooked up new liquid cooling technology code-named Triton for eBay.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Dell on Thursday outlined new data center liquid cooling technology custom built for eBay.

The technology, created by Dell's Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI) unit, is designed for hyperscale data centers and rack infrastructure.

After the eBay collaboration, Dell has outlined the proof of concept and called it Triton.

In a nutshell, Dell made liquid cooling more efficient by eliminating liquid to liquid heat exchangers, pumping systems and cooling loops. Dell brought facility water into each server sled to cool CPUs. The move delivered 59 percent more performance for Intel Xeon E5 powered systems.

Here's the overview.


Dell emphasized that Triton is for hyperscale environments and that liquid cooling may not apply to the average enterprise. Dell said its ESI group is evaluating a closed loop version of Triton that wouldn't require facility water.

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