Dell provides Internet2 computing power & collaboration

Dell's cloud services make an early play on Internet2
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor

As part of the ongoing Internet2 project, Dell is providing back-end services to support collaborative research and high-performance computing. Dell recently announced that they were working with Clemson University to make a variety of services available to other institutions making use of Internet2. Dell is also beginning to offer services on the research and education network being developed in the UK, known as Janet, starting with their IaaS and Saas solutions.

Dell is offering a full range of datacenter cloud services to Internet2, meeting the needs for SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS with their existing lineup of commercial services. The initial services offered as part of the Internet2 NET+program are:

Dell Virtual Desktop as a Service - this is a hosted virtual desktop service that minimizes the IT burden in terms of managing the availability of desktop computing services to any location

Dell Cloud with VMware vCloud Data Center Service - this is Dell's IaaS service that offers both a fully public cloud and hybrid cloud deployment model, allowing institutions to incorporate with their existing datacenter environment or use the completely hosted Dell solution.

Dell Virtual Private Datacenter - This is a hosted service where customers can specify, on a blade-by-blade level, the hosting of specific applications and services.

By providing what are essentially on-demand services to research institutions involved with Internet2 and similar educational programs worldwide, ell has been effective in becoming a major provider of hardware and services to the education community. The complete line-up of dell Cloud-based Services can be found here.

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