Dell seeks Brazilian ISVs and integrators for IoT projects

The company is investing in a partner network to ramp up the development and implementation of related technologies in the country.
Written by Angelica Mari, Contributing Writer

Dell is looking for independent software developers (ISVs) and integrators in Brazil for the development of Internet of Things (IoT) projects.

The Dell IoT Solution Partner initiative is aiming at getting local partners for its ecossystem to ramp up the development and implementation of IoT projects, which already has the support of several international companies.

Some 25 organizations are involved in the partner network, including Microsoft, SAP, GE, Software AG, as well as companies that develop specific technologies for IoT, including Datawatch, Eigen Innovations, Flow Control and others.

According to Dell, the idea is to act as a contact bridge between the partners and offer access to resources at its labs around the world, as well as discounts in equipment such as intelligent gateways for IoT, security and management tools, datacenter infrastructure kit and software for data analysis and integration.

The company believes that ISVs and integrators have a key role to play in the process of connecting the potential for IoT locally with "the reality of a highly profitable market."

While Dell is placing its bets on IoT in Brazil, awareness and adoption of such technologies in the country remains very incipient.

Brazil currently ranks at the bottom of a list of several countries worldwide in terms of its ability to generate economic impact from technologies based on the IoT environment, according to a global report published earlier this year by Accenture.

And awareness of the benefits that Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can bring to businesses is still rather low in Brazil, according to another study by IDC. Among those who are familiar with the technologies, most consider the current market offerings as expensive and not adherent to business needs.

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