Dell to sell AMD-based notebooks

Companies extend agreement to include Dell laptops, finally confirming rumors that surfaced after both vendors established a partnership in May.
Written by Agnes Kuang, Contributor

TAIWAN--Following its recent partnership with Advanced Micro Devices to put the latter's chip in its server product line, Dell Computer confirmed this week that it will launch AMD-based laptops as early as October. The move could deal another blow to rival Intel.

Dell will release mobile computers running AMD's Sempron and Turion 64x2 processors in early October, representatives from both AMD and Dell, told CNET Taiwan. Initial plans will target consumer models equipped with 15.4-inch displays.

"This is not a big deal," said the Dell executive, who declined to be named. "In order to remain competitive, we have to make sure that we have [a wide] enough variety of products to meet the market demand."

AMD representatives CNET Taiwan contacted seemed more restrained when asked about the deal.

K. J. Chou, general manager of the chipmaker's Taiwan operation, said: "This is a sensitive topic, though we won't deny the fact that we are working with Dell on desktop and notebook PCs."

The computer giant had previously established an exclusive partnership with Intel, until it announced plans in early May to use AMD chips on its four-processor servers. After the agreement was formally announced, rumors surfaced that the AMD-Dell partnership could expand into PC and notebook lines. This is the first time such deals have been confirmed.

Chou noted: "Consumers will be able to buy AMD-based computers from Dell by the end of the year."

With Dell embracing AMD chips on the notebook front, Toshiba and Lenovo--with its ThinkPad series--are the only major PC makers that have yet to offer AMD-based products.

CNET Taiwan's Agnes Kuang reported from Taiwan.

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