Department of Home Affairs extends cyber consulting contract with Archtis

The cybersecurity firm will continue to provide its professional consulting and IT strategic advisory services to the department for another 12 months.
Written by Aimee Chanthadavong, Contributor

The Department of Home Affairs has extended its professional consulting services and IT strategic advisory contract with cybersecurity firm Archtis for an additional 12 months. 

Under the deal, valued at AU$250,000, Archtis will continue to deliver its consulting and IT strategic advisory services as well as other professional services to the Department of Home Affairs. 

Archtis CEO and executive director Daniel Lai said the extension validates the company's expertise in the IT and security and demonstrates the strength of its relationship with the federal government. 

"Archtis remains committed to further exploring all opportunities to further our collaboration with important strategic partners like the Department of Home Affairs in the public sector," he said. 

"The agreement is recognition of Archtis' exceptional professional standing within the Australian Commonwealth government and underlines the fact we have a longstanding history of collaboration with government agencies." 

Archtis joins the federal government's growing list of cybersecurity suppliers, including Australian cybersecurity firm Penten, which recently received two contracts totalling AU$2.2 million from the federal government to improve the Australian Army's cyber capabilities.

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