Did Apple's underwhelming iPhone 5 announcement open the door for Windows Phone 8?

Leaks revealed everything that Apple announced at the iPhone 5 announcement and unfortunately nothing amazing or magical was revealed yesterday. Can Microsoft capitalize on the underwhelming nature of the iPhone 5 announcement?
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Did Apple's underwhelming iPhone 5 announcement open the door for Windows Phone 8?

Apple revealed the iPhone 5 yesterday and I was saddened to see that everything we saw was leaked out prior to the event and there was nothing surprising or magical revealed by Apple. Of course Apple will sell millions of iPhone 5 devices in the first week and it will be a success with current iPhone 4 owners purchasing the device. However, for the first time in my history I will not be buying the new iPhone and think Microsoft, Nokia, and HTC have a real opportunity to gain market share by revealing more details of Windows Phone 8.

A couple weeks ago Samsung simply showed the hardware of the ATIV S without ever showing the device turned on. The next week Nokia showed off the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820 while showing select pieces of Windows Phone 8. HTC has an event in New York on 19 September and sent invites to Windows Phone and Android site editors so the speculation is we will see more about Windows Phone 8. HTC may be able to show a few more details than Nokia, but it sounds like there is more work to be done by Microsoft and we may not see all the details of Windows Phone 8 until the Build event at the end of October. We cannot say Windows Phone 8 is late since they have not yet revealed any firm timeline for release. I admit I was disappointed the Nokia wasn't able to show more about Windows Phone 8 last week, but it may pay off now that Apple played their hand and didn't show much.

Given the incremental and expected updates in the iPhone 5 and iOS 6, the innovations we have seen from Nokia and Microsoft in Windows Phone 8 may be compelling enough to generate the excitement and sales that Microsoft and its OEMs need to gain significant market share in the mobile space. I know I am MUCH more excited about Windows Phone 8 than I am about iOS 6 and the iPhone 5. I will be buying a Nokia Lumia 920 with the advanced display technology, enhanced camera, wireless charging functionality, and more.

The iPhone 5 increases the screen size by making the iPhone longer, but they also made it thinner and lighter. I personally like a phone with some "heft" to it and doubt I would like a lighter iPhone 4 since that weight seems just about right. The use of nanoSIM isn't helpful for enthusiasts like me that swap phones a lot as adapters just cannot be relied upon to work in all devices. Apple had an opportunity to present NFC to the world and make it useful, but now that ball is in Microsoft's court to make their Wallet hub a serious contender in the mobile payment and financial management space. I was going to buy an iPhone 5 if Apple had revealed something "magical and unique" and am disappointed nothing new was revealed yesterday. What are your plans for the fall?

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