Did you wait in line for a DROID X?

The DROID X went on sale at midnight and people lined up to get it first--were you among them?
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

Yesterday I wrote about how I'd love to see people lining up to get the DROID X. Well, it turns out that they did. It seems that Verizon Wireless opened up some of its stores at midnight, and just like the lines that form outside of the Apple Store, people waited for hours to be among the first to get their hands on the DROID X.

Verizon Wireless created a little video to highlight the lines and the first impressions of happy DROID X users.

The main messaging coming out of the video is that people like the Verizon network, like the apps, and like that they can pop in and out of things with the interface. The reasoning sounds just like what people have been saying about the iPhone for sometime now. This makes me wonder if the need for the iPhone to hit Verizon is lessening the more Android improves, with both the hardware that it's running on, and the software powering it.

Did you line up for a DROID X or walk in and pick one up today? Are you passing on the DROID X? Share your opinions below.

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