Disney schedules Disney+'s password sharing crackdown. Here's what you should know

After several months of warnings, Disney+ users logging in with someone else's password will soon get cut off.
Written by Artie Beaty, Contributing Writer

The Disney+ password sharing crackdown is finally here.

In September 2023, Disney put password-sharing users on notice via an email to Disney+ subscribers that threatened account termination if they shared their password outside their household. In February 2024, US subscribers received emails detailing new changes to Disney+'s terms of service, specifically prohibiting using login information that wasn't theirs. Now, Disney CEO Bob Iger has shared a timeline for when the company will start enforcing the new Disney+ policy.

In a CNBC interview, Iger said Disney+ would start enforcing its policy against password sharing in June in "just a few countries" followed by a full rollout in September. Iger didn't specify which countries would be first. Although the terms of service for Disney+ and other Disney streaming services prohibit the practice, he admitted the policy still hasn't been enforced.

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Hulu, which Disney owns, sent a similar email in February. Iger didn't say, however, whether the upcoming enforcement would apply to all Disney streaming properties, or just Disney+.

Disney's decision to enforce the ban on password sharing comes after Netflix tried the same policy and ended up winning big, with a huge spike in signups. In a call with investors last year, Iger specifically mentioned Netflix and said he hoped a similar move could help Disney+ grow.

Disney has said that Disney+ subscribers will be able to add someone outside their home to their plan for a small fee, but hasn't yet shared the amount. For its part, Netflix charges $7.99 per month.

Iger clearly has big plans for streaming. Disney is set to launch a standalone ESPN streaming service in 2025. In an effort to push people towards more expensive bundles, Disney plans to integrate the new service into Disney+, much like how the company did with Hulu just last month.

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