DJI introduces Phantom 4 drone, available through Apple stores

DJI has released perhaps one of the best drones yet.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor

DJI, the world's largest consumer drone company, announced another high-end version of its Phantom line on Tuesday -- with plenty of exciting new features and a $1,399 price tag.

Most notably, the Phantom 4 features an "Obstacle Sensing System" that uses two front-facing sensors to detect objects flying in the drone's path when going forward (not backward).

Drone accidents have been popular in the media, as there's something hilarious, yet terrifying about seeing a $1,000 piece of equipment be destroyed. Luckily, DJI now offers insurance, and its new technology could help further prevent crashes.

DJI also introduced a new companion app with a "Touch-and-Go" interface that is capable of sending the drone in a 45mph dash.

For the Phantom 4 release, DJI partnered with Apple to make the Phantom the only drone available in Apple retail stores, according to Recode.

DJI will begin accepting pre-orders for the Phantom 4 through its website and Apple.com on Tuesday. It will be available in Apple retail locations and DJI's flagship stores in Asia on March 15.

Apple hasn't provided reasoning for stocking the drone, but it's likely just looking for yet another popular product in its accessory section. DJI now accounts for 47 percent of the consumer drone market, the largest leader in the growing space.

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