Do You Have the Techno Mojo to Survive an Apocalypse?

Listen to the audio podcast with John Cohn from Discovery Channel's "The Colony"
Written by Jason Perlow, Senior Contributing Writer

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John Cohn and the cast of "The Colony" build a solar array.

John Cohn, a computer engineer and chip designer for IBM stars as the technology and electronics expert on Discovery Channel's "The Colony", a unique reality series which simulates how people would try to survive and rebuild society after an apocalyptic disaster. (Photos: Discovery Channel)

Podcast: Jason Perlow interviews John Cohn from Discovery Channel's "The Colony"

John is an expert in many areas, including fixing, making or hacking anything electronic, building structures out of natural materials, tying knots, growing edible plants, mechanical fabrication, welding, sculpting and fire building. He helps build the chips at the heart of IBM’s mainframe computers as well as the chip brains in video game consoles. At home, John is a self proclaimed "Mad Scientist," and he has performed a "Jolts and Volts" electricity show to more than 50,000 people across America. In 2006, John and his wife Diane’s 14 year old son, Sam, was killed in a traffic accident. Since then, John has dedicated all of his education outreach work to Sam’s memory. He is always eager to share his love for science and engineering with anyone who will listen.

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