Does Facebook make you feel fat?

Facebook reportedly influences how users feel about their body and weight. Would you admit it if you're one of these users? Let me know in the poll: Does Facebook make you feel fat?
Written by Emil Protalinski, Contributor

Last night I wrote about how Facebook makes users on the social network feel more conscious of their body and weight. The findings come from an online survey conducted by The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt (TCEDSP). Before you check out the results, I want to ask you: does Facebook make you feel fat?

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Now that you have voted, you can check out the results: here.

For those that answered yes, TCEDSP gives the following suggestions:

  • Recognize the effect that perusing Facebook photos may have on your self-esteem or body image. How often do you publicly or privately criticize your own body? How much time do you spend comparing your body to other people's bodies online? Do your comments on other people's photos regularly focus on weight or appearance? Do you ever get overwhelmed by this? If so, how do you cope?
  • Take a stand against the body negativity and weight obsession within your online communities. Try only posting about or commenting on friends' non-physical accomplishments and successes instead of zeroing in on how they look or what they weigh.
  • If you find yourself unable to escape feelings of jealousy, sadness or comparison while online, consider taking a break from Facebook and logoff. Use the time that you would spend on Facebook to acquire a new hobby, connect with body-positive friends, or engage in other activities that honor your body in a positive way.
  • If you find yourself engaging in disordered eating or dangerous behaviors seek professional help right away.

Facebook shouldn't make you feel fat, but if it does, then at least make sure you handle the issue by working to improve your overall health, not becoming paranoid that you have a problem.

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