Dreamforce Rumors revealed

As 80,000 plus attendees prepare for Dreamforce, it's good to see that you can still have some gentle fun at the expense of a major vendor. And now...
Written by Dennis Howlett, Contributor
DFR fun stuff

Appirio invited Jon Reed and myself to their offices in downtown San Francisco. Among the things we discussed was Dreamforce Rumors, the antidote to all the serious 'stuff' vendors talk about at their customer events.  

Folk have been digging about on the site trying in vain to identify the culprits, geniuses behind this fun site. 

I can now exclusively reveal that it was Appirio's folk who thought up and delivered what you can now see. 

Earlier in the day I created a gallery of selected images from the Dreamforce Rumors site The one above is my personal favorite. Regular readers will know why...


PS - on a more serious note, I'll be talking about some of the cool stuff Appirio is working on. 


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