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Make multi-tasking a breeze: Grab one of these dual- or triple-screen monitors, now on sale

Up your productivity by grabbing a Mobile Pixels TRIO dual monitor, starting at $259
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Usually, when we think about a second screen, it's in relation to entertainment, like scrolling Twitter while watching TV. But having a second screen can actually make you more productive when it comes to your work. Studies have found that dual monitor setups can increase your productivity by up to 30%.

You might think of a dual monitor set up as something that you have at the office, but you don't have to be trapped at your desk in order to enjoy this productivity booster. You can set up a dual monitor arrangement at home, or even take it with you on the go. All you need is a Mobile Pixels TRIO portable dual monitor. Lucky for you, they happen to be on sale right now, starting at $215 with coupon code: SCREEN44. 

Mobile Pixels TRIO: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor

Mobile Pixels TRIO 1 Screen
Mobile Pixels

The TRIO is a second screen like you've never seen before. It instantly converts your laptop into a dual monitor set up, no matter where you are. In the perfect viewing angle with 270-degree rotation and full control over screen brightness. It's the perfect tool for anyone who would benefit from just a little more screen space, and it's easy to take anywhere with its light and compact design. It's on sale for $259, and you can take an additional $44 off when you use coupon code SCREEN44 at checkout.

Mobile Pixels TRIO MAX: Portable Triple Screen Laptop Monitor

Mobile Pixels

Are two screens just not enough to manage everything that you need to keep your eyes on? Whether you're working on a major presentation or watching real-time information roll in, sometimes you just need three screens to watch it all. The TRIO MAX lets you add two 14-inch monitors to your existing laptop so you can monitor every bit of information that you need at your fingertips. This two-screen package retails for $600, and you can take $101 off that price when you use the coupon code SCREEN101 at checkout.

Mobile Pixels TRIO MAX: Portable Dual Screen Laptop Monitor

Mobile Pixels

If more space is what you need, the TRIO MAX has you covered. This 14-inch screen pairs perfectly with 15-inch laptops, giving you an instant second screen that can be attached easily via USB. Get all the screen space that you can handle and stay on task when it comes to your work or play. This the TRIO MAX retails for $319, and you can save $49 by using the coupon code SCREEN49 at checkout.

Mobile Pixels TRIO: Portable Triple Screen Laptop Monitor

Mobile Pixels

Double up on the Mobile Pixels TRIO monitor with this two-screen bundle. It'll give you all the screen space you could ask for. The best part is that it is compatible with basically any operating system that you might be using, making it the perfect companion for just about any device. This two-screen package retails for $500, but you can enter coupon code SCREEN285 at checkout to save $80!

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