EC pumps cash into grid research

Commission pledges €78m...
Written by Gemma Simpson, Contributor

Commission pledges €78m...

The European Commission has launched 23 new research projects to highlight the power of grid computing to businesses. It has pledged €78m to grid research, with the lion's share - €36m - going to three key research projects.

The three projects - BEinGRID, XtreemOS and Brein - will all explore the relevance and benefits of grid computing across multiple industries.

Together with 20 smaller projects, these three projects will bring together around 300 participants from academia and industry.

Viviane Reding, the EC's information society and media commissioner, said the projects will enable businesses to become more adaptive, agile and innovative if they help companies embrace the potential of grid computing.

The most famous grid project to date was the search for alien life run by the Seti@home project.

Between 2002 and 2006 the EC invested around €130m in grid research on a variety of projects, including pay-as-you use grids which will be made available to every European with a computer.

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