EdgeConnex lands Comcast as anchor tenant for new data center

The edge data center model continues to work for the VA-based company.
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor

EdgeConnex, the Herndon,Virginia-based data center operator which specializes in edge data centers, has landed Comcast as the anchor tenant for its latest Edge facility in Jacksonville, FL. While Jacksonville has seen significant growth in the number of technology companies locating in the region, the basic edge data center model that EdgeConnex works with allows it to meet the needs of many different size companies while providing the type of services the edge market demands.

EdgeConnex data centers are built to a very specific model. With the basic premise of edge data centers being to bring necessary connectivity and content closer to the consumers of that information, they focus on small facilities in the 5000-10000 sq ft range, with moderate power demand and solid availability features. In this market, there is little demand for high-performance computing or five nines of availability; the focus is more on providing a good reliable facility that has proximity to consumers of data and limits the cost of backhaul to customers who have large, geographically dispersed end-users.

Comcast is an excellent example of a customer who makes the most from edge connectivity. With its new streaming services, high volume on-demand programming, and a nationwide network, keeping content close to consumers cuts down on the expense of shuttling content across its network and limits latency issues when customers request services. It's not practical for Comcast to build dedicated data centers in every location that these edge services are necessary, hence the successful business model of EdgeConnex in providing these services to its customers.

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