eHarmony bends its algorithms to focus on career matchmaking, launches Elevated Careers

eHarmony is betting that some of the same tools that are used to match potential mates can be used to make it easier to find compatible companies and employees.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

eHarmony is hoping to bend its algorithms and data science involved in finding mates to career recruitment.

The company launched a beta of Elevated Careers which checks compatibility between job seekers and employers. The general idea is that data science can improve the matching process between job seekers and employers.

According to eHarmony, it is responsible for 438 marriages a day. If it can cut down on turnover and recruitment costs eHarmony could find another revenue stream.

The job matching algorithm uses assesses a potential worker's personality and values and matches them with a company's culture. There are 24 factors that are scientifically matched to gauge satisfaction and performance.

From there, Elevated Careers matches employers and job seekers based on skills, via a skills fit algorithm; culture, a measurement of 16 factors aligning values and culture; and personality based on eight factors in the eHarmony relationship matching system.

Elevated Careers was developed via partnerships with Simply Hired for job listings and Burning Glass, which specializes in skills compatibility estimates. The prototype was developed in less than 24 months with Infosys.

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