EMC and Aspera teaming up to handle "big data"

Big data requirements handled by EMC's storage virtualization combined with Aspera's network virtualization
Written by Dan Kusnetzky, Contributor

EMC and Aspera have teamed up to address the needs of organizations having requirements to move large amounts of data from site to site. EMC is supplying the storage virtualization technology and Aspera is supplying tools to accelerate data transfers (see Aspera - High speed data transfers for more information about Aspera's technology). I had the opportunity to speak with Pete Eggimann, EMC's Director of Emerging Technology Programs, about this partnership and the technology behind it.

The issue that EMC and Aspera are addressing is that many organizations are facing the need to make extremely large data sets available to researchers, analysts and even customers in many different locations.  The traditional  distributed file system tools, such as the network file system (NFS) or the common internet file system (CIFS), or data transfer protocols, such as the file transfer protocol (FTP) or the hypertext transfer protocal (HTTP), were not designed to handle this type of traffic.

I could immediately see how organizations in the pharmaceutical, engineering, oil and gas production, manufacturing, finance and other markets would find this very interesting.

I was shown performance data and was very impressed with both the throughput and latency the configuration was able to produce.

Your organization might be interested as well.  If so, you can read more about the partnership here: http://www.emc.com/products/emc-select/wan-optimization.htm.

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