EMC ties together datacenter and business IT management

EMC ties together the cloud, datacenter virtualization, and business process management in their latest release.
Written by David Chernicoff, Contributor

With the announcement of version 9 of their IT Operations Intelligence and its integration with VMware vCenter, EMC believes they have the right solution on hand for companies to manage their virtualized datacenter infrastructures and the business that utilizes those resources. The group of products that EMC provides under their IT Operations Intelligence umbrella ranges from tools to manage your network protocol configurations to those that let you evaluates the impact of your business services interaction with your virtualized servers.

EMC's goal appears to be to deliver products that allow IT and business to work together to be able to deliver seamless end to end services with the type of management that allows IT to not get those nasty surprises that changes in business process can often bring. The new product announcement focuses on the ability to integrate managing business impact across the entire enterprise, working with Cisco and VMware virtualizations, from servers to storage to switches.

Integrated management throughout the cloud that takes into account the impact of business services on the behavior of systems, both physical and virtual, will be critical for the deployment of enterprise class cloud and hybrid applications. If anything, these tools make it clear that the private cloud will be the cloud model of choice for large enterprises, especially with this level of detailed management and control.  This kind of management and planning capability would be very difficult with a hybrid cloud or any major business effort that would attempt to integrate public cloud services.

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