Equinix expands its ECX Fabric network to more metros, clouds

Equinix is a key player in integrating data centers and public cloud providers. Its ECX Fabric adds more software-defined features.

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Equinix said it has expanded its platform and Cloud Exchange to more metros with a software-defined approach.

The effort, called Equinix Cloud Exchange (ECX) Fabric, is designed to bolster connectivity between its 37 global markets.

With the expansion any two ECX Fabric markets can privately connect clouds, networks, and data centers to their edge computing. Equinix is a large data center provider and has carved out a market by integrating public cloud providers -- ranging from AWS to Google Cloud Platform to Microsoft Azure as well as Oracle and IBM.

Equinix's ECX Fabric offers a software-defined interconnection service that can connect company-owned infrastructure with public cloud providers and networks. These connections are used to handle spikes, backups and bandwidth intensive workloads.

According to Equinix, which has become a key hybrid cloud player, ECX Fabric has a self-service portal so customers can utilize multiple APIs.

Here's a look at Equinix's ECX Fabric markets and global footprint.


Equinix said that 1,400 customers are using ECX Fabric, which has more than 14,900 active virtual connections. 

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