Equinix to open ME2 Melbourne data centre in third quarter

The data centre giant has coughed up $84 million for a 1,000-cabinet footprint.
Written by Chris Duckett, Contributor

Equinix has said it will open its ME2 data centre in Melbourne during the third quarter of the year, with an initial capacity of 1,000 cabinets.

ME2 will be situated in Port Melbourne alongside ME1, and will open with a third of its intended 8,190 square metre footprint.

The initial build will cost Equinix $84 million.

"We started in Melbourne only four years ago with our green fields build of ME1. Fast forward to today, we now have four sites with two distinct campus locations in Melbourne," Equinix Australia managing director Jeremy Deutsch said.

Also opening in the third quarter this year will be Equinix's SY5 in Sydney. The new four-storey facility, to be located in Alexandria, will be the company's largest in Australia, expected to comprise 9,225 cabinets when completed.

Initial capacity for SY5 will be 1,825 cabinets, and will host a total collocation space of approximately 25,000 square metres when fully built. The cost of the facility is set to be AU$224 million.

Much like ME2 and ME1, SY4 and SY5 will be adjacent and connected by a secure link bridge. The company said that once the new Sydney and Melbourne data centres are complete, it will have 17 IBX data centres in Australia.

Equinix currently has 40 IBX data centres across 12 markets in Asia-Pacific. In January, the company announced that it would build its fourth IBX data centre in Singapore and enter a new market in Seoul, South Korea.

Equinix in August had announced the expansion of one of its two data centres in Perth, investing $11 million to add 225 cabinets and an estimated collocation space of more than 550 square metres to the IBX facility.

The company said the investment was in response to the interconnection demand from network service providers and the mining, oil, and gas industries.

Known as PE2, the facility is now the responsibility of Equinix after it completed the AU$1 billion acquisition of Australian data centre provider Metronode.

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