Ericsson hits Samsung with more patent claims

Following a lawsuit launched in February against rival Samsung, Ericsson has added to its list of alleged patent violations
Written by David Meyer, Contributor

Swedish telecommunications firm Ericsson has launched a new complaint in a US federal court against rival Samsung, adding to a lawsuit that has been underway since February.

Ericsson is claiming that the Korean manufacturer continues to use technology covered by a patent agreement between the two companies that ended at the close of 2005.

"It's a continuation of the process that started in February," a spokesperson for Ericsson told ZDNet UK on Thursday.

The spokesperson added that the new claims concerned 11 patents surrounding CDMA and WCDMA technology, whereas the original lawsuit, filed both in Europe and the US, dealt with GSM, GPRS and EDGE.

It is understood that Ericsson is trying to stop Samsung from making handsets based on the relevant patents, as the two companies have failed to agree on a price for a renewed agreement.

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