ESR HaloLock Wallet Stand hands-on: Multi-card wallet and adjustable stand for the iPhone

Apple Wallet is a powerful service, but you still need to carry physical cards. It's also great to have a kickstand available to prop up your iPhone for hands-free use and video consumption.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer

The brown color option and retail package

Matthew Miller/ZDNet

When I started using an iPhone 12 Pro, I added an Apple Leather Wallet accessory that let me pack along a couple of cards. While it offered a minimalist solution, I needed to carry more cards and wanted my case to do more.

ESR's new and very affordable HaloLock Wallet Stand provides three slots for cards, one that has a clear window perfect for a driver's license, and also serves as an adjustable kickstand. It is exactly what I have been looking for in a simple wallet with a price of just $26.99.

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The ESR HaloLock Wallet Stand is constructed of vegan leather and is available in black or brown colors. It has a very strong magnetic lock, advertised to be 20% stronger than Apple's wallet case. It is not designed to work with the iPhone 12 or 13 mini phones, but works with the other iPhone models with MagSafe support.


You can pack several cards in the three slots, including an ID with the clear window

Matthew Miller/ZDNet

One outside panel of the case holds the magnet with a card slot on the inside that has a clear window. I use this for my driver's license with my auto insurance card tucked in behind it. On the other side of the hinge, we have both inside and outside card slots. I position two credit cards and some cash on the inside with my transit pass and door access card in the outside slot. Altogether, I have five cards stored in the HaloLock Wallet Stand.

The hinge mechanism is strong and remains in the position you rotate it into. It is adjustable from 14 to 160 degrees so is perfect for just about any viewing angle you desire for FaceTime calls, movie playback, and more. The strong magnet means that you can mount your iPhone in either portrait or landscape orientation too so the Wallet Stand works how you need it to.


Enjoy video content in landscape mode

Matthew Miller/ZDNet

While the ESR HaloLock Wallet Stand is best used with an iPhone without a case, I have had great success using it with a Peak Design Everyday Case so it is possible to use with a MagSafe case. The vegan leather material is supple and feels good in the hand. The stitching appears to be solid and the stand has held up extremely well for the past month.

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