Essential reading for business leaders: Why digital transformation belongs on your roadmap

Digital transformation is a key part of aligning IT innovation and business strategies. The latest Tech Pro Research ebook offers insights, advice, and examples to help your transformation efforts.
Written by Jody Gilbert, Contributor

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Digital transformation is a slippery concept, subject to many definitions, interpretations, and types of implementations. In the broadest terms, it describes the shift toward using innovative technologies that enable organizations to better engage and serve their customers, automate IT operations, develop new business models, and improve internal processes.

But no matter how you define it, digital transformation has become a hot ticket in the enterprise.

In a recent Tech Pro Research survey, 96% of respondents said they were taking steps to move toward digital solutions. The top items included switching to online tools to reduce paper usage; using social media for marketing, sales, and customer service; automating areas of IT, such as network monitoring; and moving systems like HR, CRM, and ERP to the cloud.

Digital transformation is clearly underway--and it's picking up steam. Even though only 20% of survey respondents said they have a formal digital transformation plan in place, another 60% said they were actively developing one.

With the escalating pressure to adopt digital strategies comes the need to develop a thorough understanding of what the transformation entails, along with its benefits, pitfalls, and how well it's succeeding (or not) for other organizations and industries.

This ebook from Tech Pro Research (subscription required) covers the latest digital transformation trends, with analyses, recommendations, use cases, and strategies from veteran business tech journalists and IT pros. Topics include:

  • The top 10 barriers to digital transformation
  • DreamWorks Animation gets a Hollywood-style digital transformation
  • Five emerging technologies for rapid digital transformation
  • Digital transformation is facing a business reality vs. investment tug of war
  • How to outthink the digital revolution in seven steps
  • What CEOs are getting wrong when it comes to digital transformation
  • How one healthcare giant embraced digital transformation and reinvented itself with the cloud

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