Evernote Market sells $12M in first year; Business users most loyal

Admitting the initial fear in launching the digital marketplace was simply "looking stupid," Evernote's CEO says it turned out to be a grand success.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

SAN FRANCISCO---Companies that don't design for the digital world are going to be in a lot of trouble within a few years, suggested Evernote CEO Phil Libin.

Speaking at the software maker's fourth annual developer summit on Thursday, that might come across as a bit surprising from a company that basically prints its money by eliminating paper.

But Evernote has typically bunked assumptions like these in the past, most obviously through collaborations through paper-first businesses such as 3M and Moleskine.

Libin also provided an update on a few collaborations and product releases announced one year ago, most notably Evernote Market.

Admitting the initial fear in launching the digital marketplace was simply "looking stupid," Libin described the storefront as a success with more than $12 million in sales in the last year.

Evernote Business users, especially, were found to be at least three times more likely to purchase than Premium users and 80 times more likely to purchase than Free users.

"We're the only company that i know of that sells enterprise software to companies and then employees go out of their way to buy other products made by Evernote," Libin asserted.

As for products within Evernote Market, the Moleskine collaboration still stands as one of the most recognizable. Libin cited that over 500,000 Evernote-ready Moleskine notebooks have been sold to date, which he argued shows that "people who love writing and phsyical notebooks aren't actually the enemy — they're actually the best Evernote users."

Evernote and Moleskine are taking things another step further with the unveiling of a special Day Planner. Available immediately, Evernote can identify and categorize notes written in the optimized Moleskine Day Planner based on date through a mobile device camera.

Looking forward, Evernote has some new integrations in the works — both for the physical and digital worlds.

The productivity platform is tapping into another popular mobile platform, Next Issue Media, for capturing and saving clippings from the Netflix-style e-magazine service into Evernote.

Evernote is also adding some more nitty-gritty, but elegantly designed, business-minded products to the Evernote Market, including smooth wood desktop furniture and business card holders.


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