Salesforce.com adds Evernote Business integration

Despite being one of the leading purveyors of all things cloud, Salesforce.com CEO Marc Benioff stressed offering employees a structured environment in the real world too.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

SAN FRANCISCO---Both Evernote and Salesforce.com have collaboration and productivity apps that arguably compete in one way or another. But in the tech world, there's always room for finding mutual advantages and business opportunities.

Thus, the two cloud companies have linked up their platforms with the narrative of offering employees as many options as possible.

Introduced on day two of Evernote's annual developer summit, EC3, Evernote for Salesforce.com is being targeted at sales teams for hosting shared resources. Some examples include notes, sketches, recorded meetings, and other pieces of media content that can be picked up by Evernote's productivity portfolio.

Evernote Business is built to be fully integrated and operate with the Salesforce client in real-time so that salespeople and managers don't have to exit the Salesforce.com world to access data stored on Evernote.

Libin specified that Evernote is "just the first step" of its partnership with Salesforce, promising more collaborations to be unveiled over the next few months.

Salesforce's CEO himself, Marc Benioff, appeared at EC3 on Friday morning immediately after the announcement.

Described by Evernote CEO Phil Libin as his hero who "almost invented the concept of the cloud single-handedly," Benioff still stressed having a "structured workspace" for employees in the real world.

Even though it already has its own empire of cloud-based productivity and collaboration apps, Salesforce.com also repeatedly emphasizes its interest in industry partnerships and third-party app ecosystem -- notably with tech companies focusing on social and mobile technologies. Some examples include Box, Accenture and Workday. The social enterprise giant even turned a new corner in its relationship with sometimes-foe Oracle.

"Getting rid of the office isn't the goal, just like getting rid of paper isn't our goal," Libin followed up, explaining that the goal is to get rid of bad experiences.

The key is, Benioff said, is that "different kinds of folks need different kinds of experiences."

For a closer look at Evernote for Salesforce.com, check out the promo video below:

Image via The Official Evernote Blog

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