Every gadget geek knows: There's always a better tool

There are plenty of gadgets and gizmos out there designed to make your life easier. From quirky LED pick-up tools to smart fridge cameras, there's something for everyone.


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If you like fixing things or playing with new toys, you might want to look at some of these tools and gadgets, which we think will simplify your life -- or, at the very least, help you get done some of those annoying daily tasks.

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Tools for gadget geeks

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Best tech ideas for hands-on geeks zdnet


BioLite Campstove 2 for $120

The BioLite Campstove is an electricity-generating, USB-charging wood burning camp stove. Its internal 2600mAh power bank will charge LED lights, mobile phones, and other devices via its USB interface -- even when the fire is no longer burning. 

Its dashboard indicator shows you fire strength and power output. It has an internal fan to control flames and smoke -- and it will even boil a kettle for you -- and keep you warm while you wait.

Best tech ideas for hands-on geeks zdnet


Ocoopa Personal handwarmer for $19

The Ocoopa rechargeable hand warmer is also a 5200mAh power bank that will charge your phone if you need it. Switch it on and get three levels of warmth in your pocket, clicking between different heat mode temperatures with one click. Double-click to see how much battery is remaining in the device.

Best tech ideas for hands-on geeks zdnet


Keyboard and printer cleaning gel for $8

Clean your PC keyboard or remove the dust from your vents with this lemon-scented biodegradable cleaning gel from ColorCoral. Mold it to shape and press it onto the keyboard to remove dust and food crumbs from your PC.

Best tech ideas for hands-on geeks zdnet


Moleskine smart writing set for $149

Transfer what is written on the notebook page to your Android or iOS app, digitizing your notes and storing them online. The pen captures each pen stroke on the paper and uploads it to your device, allowing you to annotate and share your handwritten notes. If you prefer writing notes on paper, this set will give you peace of mind that your notes will be safely stored online.

Best tech ideas for hands-on geeks zdnet


Magnetic Apple watch charging cable for $12

Charge your iPhone, AirPods, or Apple watch with this handy charging cable. You can charge them all simultaneously with the Lightning connector and the magnetic charge station. It supports the charging of almost every iPhone and the Apple Watch. As soon as you attach the charger to the watch, the magnetic field ensures good contact while your device charges.

Best tech ideas for hands-on geeks zdnet


Magnesium fire starter kit for $7

No matches? No problem. Start a fire quickly with this fire starter kit that goes onto a key ring. A solid magnesium fuel bar and flint will produce sparks in all weathers to get that fire going.

Best tech ideas for hands-on geeks zdnet


Vibelite magnetic LED pick-up tool for $11

The magnetic pick-up tool -- with am LED light ---makes picking up those dropped screws a cinch from your PC casing, even in those out of the way places. The extendable stem with a flexible neck makes even those hard to reach metal items simple to retrieve. A perfect tool to have in your IT toolkit.

Best tech ideas for hands-on geeks zdnet

The PhotoStick

The PhotoStick for $39

Save up to 60,000 photos and videos onto this handy 128GB stick. Just plug it in, it will find all of your photos and videos on your Mac or PC and will save them to the USB stick. It will also notify you if it finds any duplicate images. Make sure you select all of the file extensions such as .jpg, and .png to make sure that the files are copied. 



Smarter SFC01 FridgeCam for $199

If you are hungry but do not have time to leave the support desk to find out what is in the fridge, try the wireless refrigerator camera. It takes a photo each time you close the fridge door and sends it to an app on your phone. You can even teach the camera to recognize certain types of food in the fridge and alert you when stocks run low.

A must for the 24/7 support desk.