Evesham targets students with PC price cuts

Heading off to university this autumn? An offer from Evesham Technology could help you cope with next term's bar bill
Written by Graeme Wearden, Contributor

UK computer manufacturer Evesham Technology is offering students a 5 percent discount on all its PCs and notebooks this summer.

The move is timed to mark the launch of a new division within the company called e2students, as Evesham looks to target the 3.2 million students in higher education in the UK.

The 5 percent discount will mean a saving of over £100 for a student who buys a top-end Evesham system such as its Evolution 3GHz Pentium 4 desktop system (normal retail price £2,229 inc. VAT). Anyone taking advantage of the offer will also receive £150 of vouchers for items such as CDs, mobile SIM cards and books.

E2students will launch on 1 August, and the 5 percent discount will be available until 30 September.

"We understand that students need access to good-quality, reliable computer equipment more than any other demographic group, yet they are the least likely to find this readily attainable," said Curtis MacLean, director of sales and marketing for Evesham Technology, in a statement.

Chris Mole, who will run e2students, added that Evesham is looking to become the top student PC company in the UK.

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