Executive's guide to IoT and big data (free ebook)

The Internet of Things and big data are growing at an astronomical rate. This ebook explores the consequences and benefits of this expanding digital universe -- and what it could mean for your organization.
Written by Jody Gilbert, Contributor

The Internet of Things (IoT) and big data have ascended Gartner's most recent hype cycle, occupying spots high on the peak. But have they made their way to your list of top strategic priorities?

Depending on which research you look at and whose predictions you trust, there could be anywhere from 32 to 50 billion internet-connected devices by 2020. And the volume of data being generated is staggering. According to an IDC/EMC report, the "digital universe" -- the digital data created, replicated, and consumed annually -- is doubling every two years. The report predicts that by 2020, the numbers will reach 44 trillion gigabytes.

The enterprise potential of IoT and big data appears to be just as astronomical. Opportunities include new business models, diversification of revenue streams, intelligent operations, and real-time information for mission-critical systems. But analysts also suggest that numerous barriers still stand in the way of widespread adoption of IoT and big data -- things like security/privacy issues, a lack of data standards, insufficient network infrastructure and analytics tools, and a skills shortage.

The latest ebook from ZDNet and TechRepublic looks at the impact of this exploding digital universe, the strategic business value of IoT and big data, and the next wave of trends and developments you're likely to see.


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