Experience the Galaxy Tab on display October 11th in NYC

Get some playtime with the Samsung Tab in NYC at Samsung Experience
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor

If you are going to be in NYC on October 11th, either for Microsoft's now confirmed Windows Phone 7 unveiling, or just to enjoy the holiday, make sure to stop by Samsung Experience. The reason? According to a Samsung newsletter I just received, the Galaxy Tab will be enjoying some demo time beginning October 11th.


If you're not familiar with Samsung Experience, it's a store in the Time Warner Center where a ton of Samsung gear is on display, but not actually for sale in the store.

I was in NYC a couple of weeks ago and stopped in, but sadly the Galaxy Tab was nowhere to be found. Now I've received word that it's going to be on display a week from today. There's no doubt in my mind that Samsung will make it a permanent display, so if you can't get to it on Monday, I'm sure you can come back another day.

As for purchasing Samsung gear, the store itself doesn't sell product (I still find that odd) but they can order product for you through a participating reseller.

I'm still debating about whether or not I'll be purchasing a Galaxy Tab when it becomes available for sale. It will no doubt come down to what type of discount is being offered by the carriers, but if it can do half of the things that the videos show it doing, it's going to be a hard one to pass up.

One more thing: I just checked the list of products on display at Samsung Experience and the Samsung Tab was among them. So, it might even be available for some play time today.

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