Explore the emerging world of DevOps (​ZDNet Academy)

Take a look at some of the future's most important tools and technologies for $39.
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Any software must first have its code written and then be tested in a series of rigorous simulations before it is sent out for commercial use. However, these processes have historically been extremely time consuming affairs. Larger companies with resources can employ several people to complete each process, effectively mitigating some of the lag time, but smaller companies with fewer resources must suffer the consequences. The advent of DevOps, however, has allowed companies big and small to streamline the development and testing stages through continuous integration and deployment. Sound complicated? Well, it is a little, but The Complete DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle can give you a solid introduction for $39.

DevOps works by developing small bits of code at a time that can be integrated, tested, monitored and deployed quickly. This fast turnaround time allows developers to write a subsequent bit of a code while continuously testing completed code to ensure it's functioning properly. Because the processes are performed in a loop, the time to market of software is greatly reduced. Plus, they will have identical development and production environments based on the same configurations.

Learning to utilize DevOps allows any company to compete with major players. As you can imagine, these companies are seeking knowledgeable employees. And this bundle is a viable way to explore some key tools of DevOps, such as Jenkins for testing, GitHub for source control and Chef for code deployment. With over 48 hours of comprehensive material, you'll come to understand just what employers are looking for. Some of what this bundle includes:

  • Vagrant Essentials: Practice using this open-source software to build and maintain portable virtual software development environments
  • Docker for Professionals: Leverage the process of containerization to transmit bits of code that can be tested individually without the need for a virtual machine
  • Learn Ansible From Ground Up: Execute this IT automation software to significantly reduce the number of coding hours needed to build your server architecture
  • Understanding Chef: Design "recipes" to configure and maintain your company's servers, while allowing seamless integration to a host of cloud-based platforms

The Complete DevOps & Deployment Technologies Bundle is available now for just $39, and may be the first step to streamlining your development and testing processes. Not to mention, it may be your first step towards a lucrative new career.

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