Facebook bringing back F8 developer conference this April

For anyone who has missed having F8 around, get ready because the social network is bringing back the show.
Written by Rachel King, Contributor

Tech companies love hosting events, whether they be conferences or parties -- usually in tandem.

Facebook used to be one of them, with its flagship developer summit F8.

However, that festivity didn't become the regular calendar appointment like some other meetups hosted by other companies near Facebook's present stature in Silicon Valley.

For anyone who has missed having F8 around, get ready because the social network is bringing back the developer forum.

Mark your calendars for April 30 at the San Francisco Design Concourse.

Ilya Sukhar, co-founder and CEO of Parse, now owned by Facebook, made the announcement at South by Southwest in Austin on Saturday.

The fact Sukhar is the one being credited with making the announcement live as well as through a blog post to everyone outside of Austin this weekend is notable.

It's no secret that mobile is top priority at Facebook, from revenue to advertising to membership numbers to the user interface, all entwined and tangential to each other.

To recall, Facebook bought Parse, a startup with a cloud-based platform of scalable cross-platform services and tools for developers, in April 2013. Since then, Parse has become an integral part of Facebook's engineering platform and B2B strategies.

At the last F8 event in 2011, finding new ways of sharing content was the chief item on the agenda, as demonstrated by revamped user profiles and the debuts of Timeline and Open Graph.

This time, expect anything and everything mobile.

In related news, Facebook is doing a significant job of making its presence known at SxSW.

On Friday, the Menlo Park, Calif. introduced a Public Content Solutions program, consisting of resources for third parties using Facebook's data and content APIs for media solutions. Examples of those content APIs range from Instagram to the Public Feed.

Facebook also unveiled plans to build out its datacenter in Luleå, Sweden through a homegrown design alternative.

Described by a Facebook spokesperson as a "new Ikea-inspired" plans, the "rapid deployment data center" (RDDC) should enable the company to expand capacity as twice as fast as it does currently.

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