Facebook predicts it will all be video on our feeds in five years

Facebook's VP thinks that the way we use our Facebook feeds is changing dramatically year on year.
Written by Eileen Brown, Contributor

If you have noticed a change in your Facebook feed over the last year or so, watch what is happening. You are looking at the future.

Facebook predicts it will all be video on our feeds in five years ZDNet

Nicola Mendelsohn, VP EMEA, Facebook


We are using Facebook in a totally different way to the way we used to.

Posts are not just four or five word comments about the day. Rich media now dominates our feeds.

If you look back at your timeline, back to when you first started to use Facebook, you will notice a difference in the style of your posts and the way that you interact.

As Facebook has grown in functionality, the things you have done on Facebook have changed accordingly.

There has been a slow but steady decline in text based posts over the last few years.

Meanwhile there has been a huge increase in image based posts and video uploads.

At Fortune's Most Powerful Women International Summit in London this week, Nicola Mendelsohn, VP EMEA at Facebook, confirmed what we have been seeing on our feeds.

She predicted that our newsfeed and timeline will see increasing amounts of video posts.

She said that video will dominate Facebook in five years time.

According to Web Pro News Mendelsohn said "It will definitely be mobile. It will probably be all video".

She reckons that video is the best way to tell stories is by video which delivers more information in a much shorter time period.

The trends noticed at Facebook correlate with our general online 'TL:DR' behaviour.

We want to consume more and more information more quickly. Video enables us to do this.

"I just think if we look, we already are seeing a year on year decline in text.

We are seeing a massive increase as I have said on both pictures and video" Mendelsohn said.

"So yeah, if I was having a bet, I would say video, video, video."

Video on mobile is certainly the way forward for consuming information.

Facebook is already there, ready to keep us fixated on our feeds on our mobile device.

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