Facebook seeks Brazil country manager

Previous incumbent Marcos Angelini stepped down after less than a year on the job

Facebook is now looking for a new country manager for Brazil, as the previous incumbent, Marcos Angelini, has stepped down earlier this month.

The executive decided to leave the company after returning from holidays last week, down to personal reasons, according to Brazilian magazine Meio & Mensagem.

Angelini joined the social networking website from Unilever, where he was vice president for home care products in Latin America, in May last year.

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The idea was that Angelini's marketing and sales experience would be useful to the social media company as it widens its presence within digital advertising with its Facebook and Instagram platforms.

With Angelini's departure, Facebook's Latin America head, Diego Dzodan, will also be leading Brazil's operations for the time being, as well as the search for a new country manager.

"We'd like to thank Marcos for his contribution to the business and wish him luck in his future endeavors. We remain focused on adding value and delivering real business results to our clients and have already started the search for a new leader for Brazil," said Dzodan in a statement.

Facebook executives in Brazil don't necessarily have it easy. Last year, Dzodan himself was arrested by the police for failure to comply with court demands for WhatsApp messaging data, then released on the grounds that there was no concrete proof that he had been obstructing the course of justice.

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