Facebook's Parse intros SDKs for the Internet of Things

Announced during Facebook's F8 conference, the SDKs are designed to let developers integrate data from internet-connected devices.
Written by Natalie Gagliordi, Contributor

Facebook on Wednesday unveiled new software development kits for its mobile app development tool Parse. The SDKs are designed to let developers integrate data from internet-connected devices, in response to the growing Internet of Things.

The news was announced during Facebook's F8 conference taking place in San Francisco.

Parse is already utilized in certain instances for IoT, but Facebook is looking to make it easier for developers to extract and make use of IoT-generated data within their applications.

From the Parse blog:

We believe that connecting more hardware devices with the cloud has the potential to change the world for the better. We are already seeing devices that add tremendous value to people's lives, from wearables that help you sleep better to insulin trackers that aid people living with diabetes.

The SDKs will allow developers to receive push notifications, save data and take advantage of the Parse cloud, the company said.

Facebook said the first SDK is an Arduino SDK targeted for the Arduino Yún, a microcontroller board with built-in wifi capabilities.

In addition, the company is releasing an open source Embedded C SDK, targeted for Linux and Real Time Operating Systems (RTOS), with a focus on chipset manufacturers.

Beyond the Yún, Facebook says it is already working on SDKs for upcoming platforms such as the Arduino Zero with the wifi 101 shield.

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