Facebook's Slack competitor Facebook at Work launching next month: Report

Soon there's no escaping work: Facebook's rival to Slack and Yammer, Facebook at Work, will launch next month.
Written by Jake Smith, Contributor
(Image: File photo)

Facebook plans to launch its enterprise collaboration tool "Facebook at Work" publicly next month, according to The Information, following the Slack competitor's time in private beta since January 2015.

Like the consumer version of Facebook, the enterprise offering will have your News Feed, Groups, Events, and a dedicated Messenger app -- though it will be company specific. There are said to be audio and video calling to compete with Slack and Skype.

Previously thought to be available for free, Facebook is said to offer Facebook at Work in a per seat pricing model, rather than charging a flat rate for the company to access the service.

A company in Facebook at Work beta told Business Insider Facebook is quoting a per user price of between $1 to $5. Slack offers its premium features for $15 per user. TechCrunch reports Facebook will comp the roughly 5.25 million beta testers with additional time after the service becomes available.

TechCrunch corroborates with the October launch timeline. We have reached out to Facebook in hopes of learning more.

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