Federal DPS seeks social media monitoring service

The Department of Parliamentary Services has gone to tender in search of a data analytics platform to analyse social media content.
Written by Asha Barbaschow, Contributor

The Department of Parliamentary Services (DPS) has gone to tender seeking a web-based social media monitoring service for its Parliamentary Library.

The Parliamentary Library provides services to senators, members of the House of Representatives and their staff, as well as the Governor General and staff of other parliamentary departments including parliamentary committees.

According to the DPS, the primary outcome of the procurement exercise is to provide the library's clients with access to a service that will enable them to monitor social media from a variety of platforms on one single platform or source.

The request for tender highlights that the successful data analytics provider will need to provide the library with the tools to monitor, measure, analyse, and report on social media content via an online solution.

It has been requested by the department that the data analytics platform be capable of scaling to 5,000 clients, with an anticipated initial use by 500 clients. The option of accessing the platform on a mobile device has also been highlighted as a necessity by the department.

The contract will be for an initial period of 13 months, commencing in May 2016, but the DPS said it may extend the contract for a further two years, depending on the nature of the solution that is offered.

The DPS also maintains responsibility for the mobile phones issued to all parliamentarians, and in 2012, it established a "one-stop shop" for the IT needs of the politicians that eventually saw the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S4, and a number of Windows Phone devices given security approval to be offered to politicians.

In December, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) went to tender to source a supplier that could help the agency transform the way it collects data.

According to the request for tender, the ABS is after capabilities that can be made up from a combination of hardware, software, and technical services, with the successful supplier capable of meeting certain system requirements including the ability to enhance the agency's digital channels, relationship and operations management, and instrument design tool and test.

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