First Look: 360 degree panoramas in 20 seconds with your iPhone with 360 Panorama

The folks behind RedLaser have brought no-stitch 360 panorama creation to the iPhone
Written by Joel Evans, Contributor
I'm a huge fan of RedLaser and previously reported that eBay had purchased the app and made it free. What I didn't know at the time was that eBay just purchased the app, not the company. Well, instead of sitting and just enjoying the fruits of their labor, the folks beyond RedLaser, Occipital, have been busy working on some new innovations, with their latest one becoming available today: 360 Panorama. The app does just what it says--creates 360 degree Panoramas. What's unique about it, though, is that instead of requiring the user to take a bunch of photos, trying to align them just right to stitch them together, and then save, you simply start the app, and then move your phone in 360 degrees. There's a nice graphic on your screen that fills in the more you move around, and when you're done you click Save. That's all there is to it. The 360 degree panorama is now saved in your photos on your phone.
I've had the privilege of playing with it for a couple of days and have to say that it's a lot of fun. It's still slightly rough around the edges, but that's more in the features department. The technology itself, though, is spot on.

You can also use it to do 180 degree ones, too, as you can see above As for the features, as I mentioned above, it's straight forward to use, but when you click Save, I'd like an option to go directly to my photos so that I can see what I created. Instead, I'm given the option to Reset or Save again. I'm sure this is done so that you can continue to take Panoramas, but it would great if I could see a quick snapshot of what I just took, without having to leave the application. 360 Panorama is available worldwide on the App Store for $2.99. You can check out the app in action in the video below.
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