Fitbit's Blaze, Alta sells 1 million units each

The better-than-expected sales tally will fend off analysts who are questioning the company's long-term digital transformation strategy.
Written by Larry Dignan, Contributor

Fitbit said it has sold more than 1 million units of its Blaze smartwatch and another 1 million of its Alta device.

Both sales figures exceeded Fitbit's internal forecasts.

The launches of the Blaze ($199.95) and Alta ($129.95) were high risk/reward scenarios. The Fitbit Blaze goes head to head with Apple Watch, but has a fitness focus. Apple recently cut the prices of its Apple Watch.

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In February, many analysts bailed on Fitbit, which outlined an ambitious strategy to be embedded in the healthcare industry. Analysts were questioning the strategy, which will take time to play out, and whether the Blaze and Alta would sell well.

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For Fitbit's long-term plan to work it'll need its hardware business to perform well. Fitbit's announcement about better-than-expected Blaze and Alta sales is clearly aimed at sending doubters a message that it can focus on the long-run and the 90-day quarterly sprint.

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