Five things the iPad 2 needs for Generation Y approval

iPad 2 rumours are rife among the tech community. But there are five possible new changes and features which just might tempt the younger Generation Y market.
Written by Zack Whittaker, Contributor

iPad 2 rumours are rife among the tech community at the moment. Apple is continuing with their tight lipped policy, though it was clear that the leaks prior to the original iPad release were accurate on the most part.

The only thing that wasn't clear was the name of the damned thing.

But as I've said before, tablets and touch devices are not for the student market. It's not to say that the Generation Y on the whole will be dissuaded away from these technologies. But the iPad has been around long enough now to be proved as a success by the wider market, benchmarking out as a viable option for younger consumers.


What gets me is the design of the device. Even with rumours of a new screen which could boost the resolution of the display, the chances are the device will look almost exactly the same in aesthetics if not design.

But so far, by sifting through the rumours and the speculation, there are at least five things to point out which might well be the kicker decision for the younger market to buy the next iPad.

1. GPS and 'Find my Friends' feature, which will use location-based technologies to find friends near your location. Privacy aside, the younger demographics do love to check in to places, and is standard in the vast majority of mobile devices anyway.

2. Quad-band technology to allow iPad users to be anywhere and everywhere without worrying whether their GSM mobile network will work on a foreign CDMA network or not.

3. Removable storage is a must. No matter how much you argue the case, SD cards are still vital for phones and tablets. And though USB flash drives may be dangerous and banned at work but are still widely used regardless at home and university.

4. A camera may not be that important but high-definition video is. If the camera can record in HD 720p quality then the screen must be able to play it back; combining the removable storage and you can get high definition videos on the move.

5. A Spring release just in time for exam season. Elton John may have inadvertently tipped off the press on the release date, seeing as Ricky Gervais had an iPad months before it was released in the stores. I have seen more people buying technology during this time than any other, with exams around the corner and a devout need to get out the house and study in often precarious places.

If the price remains the same, or at very least perceived as being directly proportionate to the new features, maybe then, just maybe, it will be worth an investment to younger consumers. Besides which, the removable battery alone should be an industry wide standard.

What would be your killer feature in the iPad 2?

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