Following Datorama acquisition, Salesforce offers new tools for marketers

Salesforce is adding new integrations with the marketing intelligence firm's platform. Datorama is also introducing a new developer portal and "activation" tools for marketers. ..
Written by Stephanie Condon, Senior Writer

Datorama's Activation Center

About six months after its acquisition of Datorama, Salesforce is announcing new integrations with the marketing intelligence firm's platform. It's also introducing new developer tools and "activation" tools for marketers using Datorama.
"Our product teams have been heads down behind the scenes, working diligently and closely together to bring new solutions to market," Jay Wilder, Datorama's director of product marketing, told ZDNet. "This is really about continuing to show marketing cloud innovation and momentum following the acquisition."

The enhancements, he said, "will help marketers better understand their ROI, investments and activities that are ongoing."

First, Salesforce will be rolling out new "connectors" that will let marketers import data from the Salesforce Marketing Cloud to Datorama with one click. The new integrations will include a Marketing Cloud Social Studio connector, followed by a Marketing Cloud Email Studio connector and a Mobile Studio connector.

"Having the flexibility to connect all of these data sources ... is the marketer's dream," Wilder said, noting that Datorama customers will be able to monitor -- all in one place -- data from email campaigns, mobile data, social data, advertising, sales or even related data like weather information.

There's "extensive overlap" between Salesforce customers and Datorama customers who will be able to make use of the connectors, according to Jon Suarez-Davis, SVP & Chief Strategy Officer for Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Datorama also has a significant customer base of advertising agencies, including a number of agencies that count Salesforce customers as their own.

Datorama will also be rolling out a new Developer Portal for IT professionals and developers looking for ways to work with their company's marketing organization. With the portal, developers can build custom data integrations.

For instance, Wilder explained, an ad agency could use the Platform API within the Portal to establish a standard workflow for setting up new clients. This would pull in all the specific metrics and data streams they need for that client. Among other features, the Portal also gives marketers custom visualization options.
Lastly, Datorama is adding an "Activation Center" that lets marketers take actions or send out notifications based on the real-time analysis of their data.

"Let's say you have campaigns running side by side," Wilder said. "In Datorama, I can tell how they're doing in real time in terms of their performance... What a marketer wants to do next is optimize their campaigns in real time... [and] pull resources away from ones that aren't doing so well."

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