Former Google executive unveils EKG-enabled Kardia Band for Apple Watch

The watch band contains an EKG sensor for times the heart's performance doesn't feel as it should.
Written by James Kendrick, Contributor

Kardia Band for Apple Watch

Smartwatches have a natural place in healthcare given the multiple sensors, and the fact that owners are wearing them most of the time. That was recently brought to the forefront by an Apple patent that allows the Apple Watch to detect when the wearer experiences an emergency.

Former Google executive Vic Gundotra joined AliveCor, a firm dedicated to producing heart monitor accessories for the smartphone and now the smartwatch. The company's products are real medical appliances, requiring FDA approval. This now includes the Kardia Band that AliveCor is releasing as soon as the companion iOS app receives FDA approval.

The Kardia Band is a watch band for the Apple Watch that has a medical-grade EKG monitor. It records EKG information and also can send recorded information to healthcare providers when the heart isn't performing normally.

The Apple Watch is rapidly becoming more than a typical smartwatch. With third-party accessories like the Kardia Band and the ability to detect emergencies such as heart attacks, automobile accidents, and muggings, the Apple Watch may one day be watching out for you even when you can't watch out for yourself.

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