Former Microsoft cloud chief resurfaces at EMC

Amitabh Srivastava, the former head of Microsoft's Server and Cloud Division, has resurfaced at EMC, the parent company of one of Microsoft's foremost rivals.
Written by Mary Jo Foley, Senior Contributing Editor

Amitabh Srivastava, the former Senior Vice President in charge of Microsoft's Server and Cloud Division, has resurfaced at EMC, the parent company of one of Microsoft's foremost rivals.

According to his recently-updated LinkedIn profile, Srivastava is the President of EMC's Advanced Storage Division. Srivasta left Microsoft in March, 2011, after a 13-year career at the company, with his most recent job being head of the combined Server and Cloud division. Microsoft combined the Windows Server and Azure teams in December 2010. Srivastava announced he planned to leave Microsoft when it became clear that he would not be getting former Server and Tools President Bob Muglia’s job. (Muglia announced plans to leave after CEO Steve Ballmer decided he wasn’t the right guy for the STB-chief job , according to scuttlebutt.) Satya Nadella is the current head of the Server and Tools business at the company. Storage vendor EMC purchased virtualization vendor VMware in 2004 and has largely allowed it to be run as an independent entity. EMC owned 80 percent of VMware, as of last year. VMware is Microsoft's No. 1 virtualization rival and increasingly a competitor on the cloud-computing front.

VMware has a growing list of former Microsoft execs in various leadership positions, including Paul Maritz, Tod Neilsen and Charles Fitzgerald.

In other Microsoft-related job changes, Microsoft has been updating its bio page to reflect a number of new titles for its execs. (It's worth noting that Microsoft's bio page updates almost always happen weeks, if not months, after actual job/title changes occur.)

Scott Guthrie's page now acknowledges his new role as Corporate Vice President in the Server and Tools business, working on Azure. Here's the back story on Guthrie's new job. Allison Watson's title has changed from Corporate Vice President of the Business & Marketing Organization in the U.S. to Corporate Vice President of U.S. Marketing and Operations. In her new job, according to her bio, she "is responsible for all marketing activities for Microsoft's products, including Microsoft's commercial cloud offerings." Kirill Tartarinov's Presidency is now acknowledged on his bio page. He runs the Microsoft Business Solutions Division (responsible for ERP, CRM and Health Solutions).

Dan Reed is no longer head of Microsoft's eXtreme Computing Group; his new title is Corporate Vice President of the Technology Policy Group. Bob Kelly's new title is head of Windows Azure Marketing. He was formerly Corporate VP in charge of Server and Cloud Platform Marketing. According to a Microsoft spokesperson, Kelly "is taking on the role of driving Windows Azure Marketing and Robert Wahbe is serving as the acting leader of Windows Server and Management Marketing, in addition to his role as leader of Server and Tools Marketing, while we identify a new leader for Windows Server and Management Marketing."

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